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Fodder yeast has the form of a special biomass, which is produced on the basis of substrates of plant and non-plant origin.

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During the processing of rapeseed and the extraction of oil from this plant, rapeseed meal remains as a by-product.

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Barley is a crop that is actively produced all over the world, and in particular in Europe.

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Some states for a number of reasons can not store in products in necessary volumes. Among principal reasons it is an unsuitable climate and predominance of sandy soil. At that rate an optimal variant the import of necessary commodities will become from more favourable in the question of growing cultures of countries.

There are regions, where products are grown in surplus specially for exportation for a border. It is a good resource for adjusting of trade and economic relations between the states. In most cases an exchange and sale of product are mutually beneficial for all parties.

Ukraine is specialized on growing of cultural plants, that set forth to America, Africa, countries of European Union and Asia. A wheat, barley, rye, soy, sunflower, corn, behave to such cultures. The wideuse of garden-stuffs and seed of these cultural plants talks about regular high demand on their purveyance.

Features of product delivery

First of all is a method to feed the population of the country. Also from the products of industry produce medicinal preparations, vitamins, articles of hygiene, cosmetic, drinks, domestic chemistry, technical oils, paints, office commodities and even mixed fodder mixtures for animals.

To bring in a load in a stranger country it is important to understand features and orders of processing of documents. As information about deliveries and documentation are needed:

  • To study a custom code.
  • To pass a certification on the sale of products for a border.
  • To prepare customs declaration for an import. Description of load, his superficial descriptions, goes to the document.
  • To prepare customs declaration on a load. Detailed description of load, setting, technical data.

Documents it is important to prepare and give beforehand, that custom service could have time to process them. Given declaration in service of that country through that leave a load.

Imports to EU countries

For past 2018 year the import of the Ukrainian commodities in countries EU grew on 27%. It in several times more than expected. An agricultural produce stands at the head of the imported deliveries, namely grain-growing-friable, шрот and vegetable oils.

To produce the official import of commodity to European Union it is important to give such documentation:

  • Customs declaration.
  • Сontract orders from the customs broker.
  • Contract with agreements translated into the language of the importer.
  • Calculation of transportation costs.
  • Contract for the carriage of goods.
  • Invoices for transportation of goods, specifications.
  • Originals of checks and invoices.
  • Documents that are needed to determine the customs value of the goods.
  • Certificate of cargo and laboratory analysis.
  • Proof of payment for goods.
  • The paper, which documented the timing of the order and delivery.

In addition to this list of papers, the customs service may require additional documents for verification.

Importer's reliability is the key to success

No one else, as soon as the importer can ensure the safe and guaranteed import of goods into your country. When choosing a supplier it is allowed to be picky, because the quality and freshness of the expected product depends on it.

The purchase will be successful if the importer has such qualities:

  • Provides all the necessary documentation.
  • Offers familiarization with product samples.
  • Products are certified and passed laboratory control.
  • Advises on the choice of goods and its movement to the customer.
  • He takes care of customs control and logistics.
  • Delivery is carried out worldwide, namely Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Hungary, Germany, Greece, Denmark, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Finland, France, Croatia, Czech Republic, Sweden and Estonia, Canada, USA, Australia.
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