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To improve the quality indicators from the process of animal husbandry, special protein components are added to the feed mixtures - fodder yeast.

This is a universal food supplement for animals that improves digestion, egg production, increases milk yield, fertility, strengthens the joints and ligaments of each animal. Dry yeast is well suited for pigs, chickens, cattle, calves and piglets.

Over the past few years, EU countries have increased imports of fodder yeast from Ukraine. We, as a supplier, are responsible for the safety and high quality of the microbiological protein of dry fodder yeast and are ready to provide all the necessary certificates and laboratory control certificates. In addition, before bulk shipment, we offer a sample of products for consideration.

Peculiarities of feed yeast

Feed yeast is added to the diet, if necessary or on an ongoing basis with a poor diet. This is a separate food component that replenishes the missing reserves of quickly digestible protein.

If we compare it with vegetable and animal protein, then the yeast is closer in value to the animal, and in terms of ease for the organism to the vegetable one. Also, unlike vegetable protein, yeast contains important essential amino acids that are found only in meat products. In terms of the content of vitamin and trace elements microbiological protein also overtakes vegetable.

Sometimes fodder yeast is automatically included in the composition of premixes for poultry, namely in the diet of broilers and laying hens.

Externally, the product looks like a brown powder with a yeast flavor. Non-volatile, non-toxic and does not dissolve in any liquid other than gastric juice.

Use of yeast for feeding animals

Nutritional yeast for feed is a product of petroleum refining. Previously, this waste was disposed of, but thanks to modern technologies it is used to produce a valuable source of protein, which has been used in the diet of domestic animals.

Recommended norms for the inclusion of yeast in the diet of animals:

  • Cattle - 500 g / goal.
  • Calves - 200-300 g / goal.
  • Pigs - 200-300 g / goal.
  • Sheep - up to 50 g / goal.
  • Bird - 2-5 g / goal.

Adhering to the norms of introduction to food can be enriched with protein all types of domestic animals. Often the yeast acts as a dietary supplement for pets.

The low price of food allows you to reduce losses without losing weight and thereby save on the fattening economy. For example, one kilogram of yeast saves up to 15% of the normal diet of the animal, and the need for milk increases by 50-60%.

Prices for wholesale supplies

The company "AGRO-V" offers to buy a food additive in the form of fodder yeast in bulk. We provide regular deliveries of cargo worldwide.

  • Cooperation with us is:
  • Certified products.
  • Mandatory laboratory control.
  • Availability of complete supporting documentation.
  • Consultation specialist.
  • Letter of credit.
  • Independently we deal with issues of logistics and customs control.
  • We offer a sample of the product before wholesale shipment.
  • We guarantee high quality and support of our customers.
  • We deliver worldwide, namely Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Hungary, Germany, Greece, Denmark, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Finland, France, Croatia, Czech Republic, Sweden and Estonia, Canada, USA, Australia.

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