About products supplier

The agro-production company AGRO-V acts on the domestic and foreign trade and economic market as a seller of food products. We offer the population and large enterprises goods of own and farmer production.

Farm goods are plant crops that are grown in specially prepared areas. Among them are cereals, legumes and oilseeds. In the sale of the product is in bulk or in processed form, for example, vegetable oil, cake and meal.

Trade in products is carried out worldwide on the basis of technical regulations required by the European Union, the United States and Asian countries. This includes the availability of all certificates and permits for conducting trade and economic relations with importers.

We guarantee the quality of the product provided and know how important it is for production to receive a fresh product on time.

The peculiarity of the supply of farm products

The sale of agricultural products is the basis of business activities in Ukraine. It is the export of grains and oilseeds that is at the head of trade and economic relations with the world.

In order to successfully export products from farmers, we, as an importer, must take care of the following factors:

  • Quality and freshness of products.
  • The presence of a certificate for the goods.
  • To issue customs documentation.
  • Provide logistics.

The main thing that we must ensure is the receipt of a certificate for the goods. To do this, you must pass the certification and under the supervision of technical supervision to confirm the qualification in a timely manner. To get this document you need:

  • Collect the necessary documentation.
  • Select a certification authority.
  • Apply now.
  • Get a response from the center.
  • Provide a sample of the goods.
  • Get a certificate.
  • To be in the open access of technical supervision until the next issue of the certificate.

This is a standard procedure that must be passed by anyone who wants to enter the world market with their goods.

Our team strives to ensure timely deliveries in order to maintain the high quality of the product and its name. Foodstuffs from "AGRO-V" are accompanied by all the necessary documentation for the customs and the customer.

The quality of our foodstuffs

The farm product from the company "AGRO-V" is a natural raw material for the production of many goods. We do not use hazardous and toxic substances in the cultivation and production of certain products.

We offer products in this range:

  • Vegetable oils - an important component of proper nutrition, a source of polyunsaturated fats and vitamin. Often used for the production of household chemicals, products for the care of leather goods, cosmetics, technical lubricants and paints.
  • Cake (Makuha) - high-protein additive in feed for farm animals. It has a short shelf life and needs quick processing.
  • Grain and beans in bulk - is in export demand, especially the fodder product for the manufacture of feed mixtures, premixes, fertilizers and biodiesel.
  • Meal - also acts as a dietary supplement to the daily diet of the animal. Meal is similar to cake, but less fat and contains more fiber.
  • Cat litter - used for the hygiene of the pet tray.
  • Feed yeast is a valuable dietary supplement, a source of protein that is close in content to the animal, but is easily digested as vegetable. Included in the regular diet of farm animals.

By purchasing certified goods from trusted suppliers, you guarantee yourself that you have not fallen on the falsified product.

Refined oils, meal and cake are most suitable for counterfeiting. The product is diluted with cheaper ingredients that are difficult to calculate at first glance. Having bought a fake, a farmer can pay with livestock of his living creatures or in the manufacture of cosmetics to get a low-quality product.

Food trade

The company AGRO-V will help you buy natural agricultural products. We offer our customers to purchase goods in bulk, which guarantees the final cost of the order.

Our goal is to procure for our customers the highest quality product for further processing and retail distribution. Thus, we introduce into the industry a culture of caring for our consumers at all stages of production.

We try to make the price for the goods calculated for each customer individually. This allows you to find an individual approach and satisfy customer requirements in full.

It is beneficial to cooperate with us because:

  • We provide services of the European level.
  • Only certified products.
  • We stand on the side of protecting the environment and against synthetic dangerous additives in the diet of farm animals, the production of cosmetic and medical preparations.
  • Each batch undergoes laboratory testing.
  • Individual approach to each partner and customer.
  • Ready to provide a sample of the product.
  • Optimal pricing policy.
  • Multistep quality control procedure.
  • Secure letter of credit payment.
  • Favorable terms of transactions for entrepreneurs.
  • Logistics and customs control undertake.
  • Delivery is carried out worldwide, namely Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Hungary, Germany, Greece, Denmark, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Finland, France, Croatia, Czech Republic, Sweden and Estonia, Canada, USA, Australia.

Contact us in any convenient way soon. We will help you to make a choice of a quality product, to advise on its characteristics, and also to deliver the goods to your region in time!

Open to mutually beneficial cooperation!