Liability Policy - Supplier of Products AGRO-V

Liability policy

There are cases in which the company "AGRO-V" may refuse to fulfill its obligations, or rather not bear responsibility associated with the use of users of this resource. The responsibility policy highlights a number of reasons:

  • The use of information posted on the site has caused the user damage.
  • The resource holder did not have time to make adjustments to the site at the time when the manufacturer changed the information about the product.
  • A link to this resource has been posted on an outside site.
  • The company is not responsible for illness or addiction caused in the process of working with the resource.
  • If the information contained in the resource led to one or another loss.
  • The user can not use the data from the site for personal purposes.
  • If the image of the goods is different from the one received by the buyer.
  • If, as a result of working with the site, the user lost his job, was expelled from the educational institution, lost his former activity, or found any kind of dependence.

All cases that are listed above, the Administration "AGRO-V" refers to those for which it can not be held responsible. Also, the company management at any time can change the data on the proposed product, namely the description, price or name.

Using this site means that you are familiar with all policies and agree to the newsletter on behalf of the online store. All further disputes beyond the scope of this agreement will be resolved individually.