Privacy Policy - Supplier of Products AGRO-V

Privacy policy

AGRO-V treats with understanding and respect the desire of its customers to keep personal information safe. Our privacy policy focuses on the fact that at the time of using this resource, the user can not worry about the leakage of data about his identity.

A resource requires some data from users, but uses it in certain situations and for a specific purpose. In short, the company uses the data to make a promotional mailing, informing customers about new arrivals and special offers. In addition, there are serious questions when we are forced to transfer information about you to third parties. For more information about these situations, see the agreement "Consent to the newsletter."

All that we require is requested in the site registration form or during the first purchase. This data includes only a few points - contact phone number, customer name and email box.

Why do we collect information?

Those personal data that we require are collected for maintaining relations with the client, processing accounting documentation, providing delivery services, and passing customs. From the moment of registration and data transfer, you automatically become a partner of AGRO-V and from this day from time to time you will receive electronic notifications or SMS distribution.

Today, every entrepreneur and a large company are required to request some basic customer data and guarantee their complete confidentiality.

What do we undertake for safety of these personal clients?

Personal data protection is at the head of AGRO-V’s responsibility. Based on international security standards, we are obliged to preserve and protect the personal information of each user against the attempt of third parties.

For our part, modern technical protection methods have been undertaken that help to keep confidential data within the framework of the Internet site.

The user also needs to secure information. To do this, we recommend not to share with anyone personal information and data transmitted at the time of registration on the site.

Security works in such a way that in case of attempts to hack an account, you will receive a notification by mail or mobile phone. To learn more about the data protection process or to make some suggestions, email us at the email address listed on the site.