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Along with other types of vegetable oils, rapeseed oil is popular among the people of Europe.

It has excellent healing properties, especially for women, promoting the formation of female sex hormones. Also, this product contains omega-3, 6 and 9 acids, which are components of vitamin F. The use of this oil is recommended for vegetarians, as it helps maintain normal fat metabolism in the body and reduces the level of bad cholesterol. Unrefined rapeseed oil is an excellent source of useful vitamins and minerals, therefore it is supplied in large quantities to the EU countries.

The largest producers of rapeseed oil

The total area of ​​rapeseed crops in the world as of 2019 was 35 million hectares. The five countries that are most actively growing this plant include Canada (8.4 million hectares), India (7.3 million hectares), China (6.6 million hectares), as well as EU countries. But in terms of yield, Chile (4.1 t / ha), Turkey (3.5 t / ha) and Switzerland (3.1 t / ha) are ahead of all, although these countries do not fall into the top five most active in terms of crop area.

However, the world trade in rapeseed is still oriented towards Canada, where 28% (19 million tons) of the world's volume of this plant is grown, and it is from this country that rapeseed is imported most often. By the way, Ukraine is in fifth place in this rating with a volume of 3.3 million tons, which is also a good indicator for the possibility of supplying a local product to world markets to cover the demand for this oil.

As for Ukrainian producers specifically, the five largest, according to the Ukroliyaprom association, include the following companies:

  • Allseeds - 32.3%;
  • Oliyar - 19%;
  • ViOil (Vinnytsia) - 18.2%;
  • Delta Wilmar - 10.8%;
  • GradOlia - 6.7%.

The profitability of rapeseed

Of course, the profitability of growing rapeseed remains high and increases every year. According to representatives of Ukrainian companies, the profitability of this plant reaches 50%, but the crop is one of the most expensive to grow. If all norms are observed, the yield can be up to 4 t / ha.

However, even these features do not stop producers from growing this crop. The thing is that rapeseed is used in many spheres of human activity, including for nutrition. Thus, the components of high-protein feeds are obtained from rapeseed, and vegetable oil is also made, which is in no way inferior in nutritional value and useful substances to other vegetable oils. Rapeseed oil has every chance of replacing sunflower oil, and therefore the cultivation of this crop is profitable for producers, despite all the costs.

Rapeseed processing

Rapeseed processing consists of two stages, during which the first cold-pressed and refined oil, as well as cake, are obtained. Ukraine is one of the leaders in the global production of rapeseed oil, and local producers comply with the requirements for the supply of this product to the EU markets. According to statistics, in 2019 alone, Ukrainian enterprises produced 160.5 thousand tons of rapeseed oil.

Recently, the certification of this product has become more regulated - in particular, manufacturers will have to monitor the content of chlorpyrifos-ethyl and chlorpyrifos-methyl in crude oil in order to obtain oil export documents. However, in general, Ukrainian producers continue to increase the rate of production of this crop, and Ukraine has every chance in the near future to rise several positions higher in the rating of rapeseed oil suppliers.

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