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Растительное масло

Vegetable oil plays an important role in the trade and economic market of Ukraine. Two-thirds are harvested from sunflower seeds, the rest includes canola, soy, mustard, flax. This is a strategically important product that allows the country to keep afloat by selling an import product.

Recently, the global market has been crowded with little useful tropical oils (palm, coconut), which are trying to force out a valuable vegetable product at low cost.

Oil is obtained by pressing the seeds from oilseeds. These plantings are distinguished by a high inclusion of protein, vitamins and trace elements. Waste from the oil industry remains the cake, which is actively used. As a result, we have almost waste-free production.

Peculiarity and benefits of vegetable oil

Why is vegetable oil considered a very valuable food and industrial product? Obviously, the product is made from a large number of whole grains, which are a product rich in protein, essential acids, vitamins E, B, A, and D. Olive oil, which is not regional for Ukraine, has a similar value.

Natural unrefined oils have a specific taste, pleasant memorable aroma. For many, the combination of this product with fresh vegetables is associated with childhood or spring-summer period.

Crude oil is not recommended to be heated and stored in a warm room, as carcinogens that are safe before heating are activated in it.

For frying and cooking hot dishes use refined refined oil. Such a product in the process of refining loses its bright color, aroma and has almost no taste.

Nutritionists recommend to use vegetable oil to maintain elastic vessels, healthy gastrointestinal tract and strengthen immunity. The recommended dose of fat per day per person is not more than 30 grams (provided that other foods contain fat).

It is also important to alternate oils, for example, we are accustomed to add corn and sunflower to the diet, and it is important to supplement them with flax and rapeseed, as they are rich in Omega-3 acid (found in fatty fish).

Application of vegetable oil

The product uses about 95% of the population around the world, while including it in your daily diet. Some people prefer to fill salads, others cook second courses, and others as a means of traditional medicine.

In addition to the food industry, vegetable oils are widely used in the manufacture of cosmetics, medicines, household chemicals, leather care products. Actively fat is used for the production of paints, technical greases, lubricants, added to the mixture to care for industrial equipment. Interestingly, some types of oils act as raw materials for the production of biodiesel.

Raw materials for the future of vegetable oil are grown throughout Ukraine and occupy at least 20% of the sown area. Some part remains for the internal population, but a large part is exported in bulk.

The main importers of sunflower oil products are Spain, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Egypt, Iran, Algeria and India. Soybean oil mainly chooses Poland.

If we talk about retail turnover, then a large share of sunflower oil takes on itself, as a natural regional product. It is more saturated and demanded in the global economic market.

Prices for wholesale deliveries

Agro-industrial company "AGRO-V" is open to cooperation for the supply of vegetable oil in every corner of the world. We provide a natural product directly from the manufacturer. To buy vegetable oil in bulk, you must contact us in any convenient way.

The final price for the goods is calculated individually for each customer. We try to find a unique approach to our customers.

Why it is profitable to cooperate with us:

  • All products undergo laboratory testing.
  • The product is certified according to international standard.
  • The issue of logistics and customs control pass without the participation of the customer.
  • We send the sample before the main shipment.
  • Timely delivery to your region.
  • Favorable conditions for both parties.
  • Secure letter of credit payment.
  • We consult with the choice and application.
  • Delivery is possible in such regions as Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Hungary, Germany, Greece, Denmark, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Finland, France, Croatia, Czech Republic, Sweden and Estonia, Canada, USA, Australia.