Sunflower cake - feed

Mass fraction of moisture and volatile substances,%, not more than: 8,5
Mass fraction of ash, insoluble in hydrochloric acid, in terms of absolutely dry matter,%, not more than: 1,0
Impurities (stones, glass, earth) Not allowed
Mass fraction of metal admixtures,%, not more than:
particles up to 2 mm inclusive 0,01
particles larger than 2 mm Not allowed
and particles with sharp cutting edges Not allowed
Mycotoxin content, ppm (mg / kg), not more than:
deoxynivalenol 1,0
T-2 toxin 0,1
zearalenone 1,0
The content of toxic elements, ppm (mg / kg), not more than:
mercury 0,02
cadmium 0,1
plumbum 0,5
Nitrate content, ppm (mg / kg), not more than 450
Not admissionNitrite content, ppm (mg / kg), not more than 10
Pest contamination or traces of infection Not allowed
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Sunflower seeds are famous not only for high-grade vegetable oil, but also for valuable wastes from its production. The demand for sunflower cake from Ukraine is growing every year, to the point that European countries decide to organize its imports for the manufacture of various kinds of goods.

Sunflower cake is a valuable raw material for the manufacture of animal feed. For feed, which will become a full-fledged diet of farm animals, two basic components are used: carbohydrates and proteins. Cereals (wheat, barley, sorghum) are used as carbohydrates, and mainly the beans (peas, soybean, sunflower) as the protein component.

Use of sunflower cake

Sale of sunflower cake is relevant for those who are engaged in the manufacture of animal feed. This product is equally suitable for cattle as well as pigs and broilers.

It is important to understand that the feed for each type of animal is made individually. You can not feed all the same composition. It is important to have flow charts and to know how chickens, aquatic birds, cattle, calves, pigs and piglets feed.

Sunflower seed is pure protein and fiber. Both components are important for the digestion and proper development of each animal.

To the cake does not deteriorate it is necessary to ensure its proper storage. The manufacturer recommends storing the bag in bulk or in bags on pallets. At the same time the room should be dry and well ventilated.

Benefits of sunflower cake in feed

Each product has its own good points, for which it is valued. For example, sunflower meal has the following advantages:

  • Nice price.
  • 100% feed protein.
  • Suitable for all farm animals.
  • It combines well with other types of foods.
  • Provides non-waste production.
  • A valuable source of plant fiber.
  • Feed gets fatter.
  • Suitable for fattening small calves and chickens.

The composition of the cake is not stable, but approximate. More accurate data can be obtained by conducting laboratory control of a specific consignment. Cost depends on order volume and region of delivery.

Feed additives with oil cake

If you are interested in certified products in the form of sunflower cake - the company "AGRO-V" offers a stable wholesale supply throughout the world. Delivery is carried out in countries such as Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Hungary, Germany, Greece, Denmark, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Finland, France, Croatia, Czech Republic, Sweden and Estonia, Canada, USA, Australia.

It is advisable to buy cake in bulk, both in price and based on the results of work with this product.

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