Yellow peas​

Dry matter content, g / kg, not less 850
The content in the dry matter of the exchange energy, MJ in 1 kg, not less:
- for cattle and sheep 12
- for pigs 13
- for poultry 12,5
Content in dry matter, g in 1 kg:
- crude protein, not less 200
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The legume family is considered the largest among the types of crops and covers at least 13,000 varieties. The most common type of fruit of this type of planting is ordinary peas.

This crop has been cultivated for at least 3000 years and to this day it is considered to be a storehouse of valuable microelements and rich in the content of vegetable protein.

Pea grain contains 36% protein, which makes it a competitor to popular protein products. Protein, as a building material, is necessary for nourishing a living organism. That is why it is recommended to introduce beans into the diet of humans and farm animals.

To circumvent the introduction of synthetic additives to the pigs and poultry diet, modern technologists create compound feeds based on flour from nutritious legumes.

Features of feed peas

Feed peas are products that have a high nutritional value and a low price compared to popular cereals. Growing and harvesting is not difficult, as it does not require special care and pollination. All leguminous plants self-pollinate, which guarantees a good result in any growing conditions.

Fodder includes all parts of plants except fruits and seeds, usually going to the grain and consumer basket. More specifically, it is green foliage, stems, in rare cases roots. It is harvested in this way:

  • Collection
  • Natural drying.
  • Finishing dehydration of milled plants.

The result is a high-quality fodder, which is ideal for feeding animals.

Benefits of yellow peas

Why is the yellow city considered the most nutritious and valuable source of protein? Unlike other types of leguminous plants, pea has the following advantages:

  • Well absorbed by a living organism.
  • It cleans the intestines from the so-called "garbage".
  • It is useful to enter into the diet of pregnant women (both animals and women).
  • Peas and fodder improve metabolism.
  • Low price for high nutritional value.
  • The daily use of legumes eliminates the development of diseases, strengthens the immune system, improves the function of the heart and brain, which in turn excludes premature aging and death.

Like every pea product has clear quality standards. For the pea mixture, the following defect ratios are allowed:

  • Weed impurity - 2%.
  • Beaten - 5%.
  • Chipped - 5%.
  • Damaged - 5%.
  • Humidity - 14.5%.
  • Impurity of other types of peas - 3%.

Yellow peas grows well in Ukraine, so we offer our own product, not import.

Supply of peas grain

It is most profitable to buy fodder peas in bulk. This solution allows you to save money on transportation, customs, obtaining permits for the sale and processing of the product.

AGRO-V offers official supplies of yellow pea feed from Ukraine to your country. Delivery is carried out in countries such as Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Hungary, Germany, Greece, Denmark, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, the Duchy of Luxembourg, the Republic of Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Finland, France, Croatia, Czech Republic, Sweden and Estonia, Canada, USA, Australia.

Advantages of cooperation with AGRO-V:

  • Stable shipments from the manufacturer.
  • Certified product.
  • Letter of credit calculation for the safety of the seller.
  • Ready to provide samples of the goods before purchase.
  • We deliver and clear customs.
  • We take care of all logistical issues.

Contact the store right now, we will quickly orient you at prices and delivery times!

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