Soybean cake - feed

Mass fraction of crude protein, not less than%39,0
Mass fraction of crude protein in terms of absolutely dry matter, not less than%43,5
Mass fraction of moisture and volatile substances, not more than%10,0
Urease activity (pH change in 30 minutes) pH difference0,10-0,20
Mass fraction of raw fat in terms of absolutely dry matter, not more than%8,0
Mass fraction of crude fiber in the fat-free product in terms of absolutely dry matter, not more than%6,0
Nitrate content, not more than mg / kg400,0
Nitrite content, not more than mg / kg9,0
Mass fraction of ash, not dissolved in 10% hydrochloric acid, in terms of absolutely dry matter, not more than%1,0
Acid number of fat, not more than mg KOH / g30,0
Total caloric nutritional value, in terms of absolutely dry matter, not less than: calorie units1,15
Mycotoxin content: 
aflatoxin В₁, not more than mg / kg0,005
T-2 toxin, no more than mg / kg0,1
Zearalenone, not more than mg / kg1,0
Content of organochlorine pesticides: 
hexachlorane (sum of isomers), not more than mg / kg0,2
DDT (sum of isomers and metabolites), not more than mg / kg0,05
heptachlor (heptachlor epoxide), not more than mg / kgNot allowed
Mass fraction of metal impurities, no more: particles up to 2 mm in size inclusive%0,01
Content of impuritiesNot allowed
Pest infestationNot allowed
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Analytical data on the export of goods from Ukraine suggests that over the last sowing period, the demand for cereals, legumes and their products has increased. For example, the import of soybeans and soybean cake to EU countries and Turkey has increased.

The price of soybean meal is high, but for the manufacturer of animal feed and dietary plant nutrition, it is lower than the cultivation and processing of its own soy.

Due to the natural protein component, the manufacturer can exclude from the inclusion in the feed synthetic feed additives. Mixing in certain proportions of cereals and legumes, you can get a complete nutritious diet.

Use of soybean cake

The main way to use soy cakes is to make high-grade compound feed for farm animals. Soy beans have the following composition:

  • Protein - 45-50 g / kg.
  • Moisture - 6 g / kg.
  • Fat 2.5–9 g / kg.
  • Carbohydrates - 30-35 g / kg.
  • Ash - up to 6 g / kg.

Please note that 100 grams of cake contains more than half of the daily requirement of protein and only 3% fat. Soybean cake is a pure protein that enriches a full-fledged diet of the farm. It is important for each type of animal to select its own concentrate of incorporating soy into the diet in order to make it properly balanced.

Often the cake is confused with the meal. The fact is that cake is a residue from the processing of grain and beans, and meal is dried and practically depleted product. If you compare these two products, the meal will be almost fat-free and low-calorie. Both products are included in the feed mixture according to the flow chart.

Benefits of soybean cake in feed

Sale of finished feed has become a profitable business for enterprises and a profitable investment for farms. It is easier to buy a ready-made bag of special food than to bother with technological maps and bulk purchases of grain and beans.

Why is it important to add feed protein in the feed:

  • Vegetable protein makes the diet full.
  • Soy cake from "AGRO-V" does not contain GMOs.
  • Undergoes thorough laboratory control.
  • In a hundred grams of cake about 66% of the daily protein intake.
  • It has an advantageous price, especially if you are shopping in bulk.
  • Suitable for fattening all types of animals.

Seeds, beans and cake require certain storage conditions. If you buy goods in bulk, make sure that the storage is correct. It is important that the room was dry, well ventilated. Cake stored in bulk or in bags on a special pallet.

Feed additives with cake

You can buy high-grade soybean cake at the AGRO-V agricultural company. We guarantee timely wholesale deliveries, the ability to deliver to any corner of the world and the quality control of each individual batch. Before shipment of wholesale at the request of the customer, we offer samples of the selected product for carrying out our own laboratory tests.

Our customers are offered only certified products with all the necessary documents. Delivery takes place in countries such as Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Hungary, Germany, Greece, Denmark, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Finland, France, Croatia, Czech Republic, Sweden and Estonia, Canada, USA, Australia.

We take care of all the logistics, customs, cargo clearance and customs clearance, leaving you waiting for the arrival of the purchase.

Contact us in a convenient way for you, promptly advise and orient about the delivery time!

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