Feed wheat (6th class)

Pest infestation Not allowed, except for tick infestation not higher than II degree
Content of mineral admixture,%, not more than 1
Content of harmful impurity,%, no more: 0,2
- ergot and smut (together) 0,1
- seeds of creeping gorchaka and varicolored multicolored (together) 0,1
- heliotrope seeds of the pubescent and trikhodesma gray-haired Not allowed
The content of spoiled grains in the composition of weed impurities,%, not more 0,1
The content of the cockle in the composition of trash,%, not more 0,5
Fusarium grains content,%, not more than 1
Content of smut (maranny, sinegutic) grains,%, not more than 10
Dry matter content, g / kg, not less 860
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One of the central export goods in Ukraine is feed wheat. This is a product of growing and processing grain, which remains after all stages of careful selection.

The cost of the culture of the sixth, the highest class, is lower than its close relatives of the smaller class. It is more profitable for enterprises to shop in bulk.

Culture of the sixth class has the lowest quality indicators, but it is not reflected in its energy value, which is demanded of it. Compound feed based on wheat is considered the most nutritious and provides a complete diet for warming in the winter period of time.

Features of wheat for animal feed

According to the international specifications, the culture is divided into six classes:

  • Grades 1-4 - food grains for cereals, flour, pasta and bakery products.
  • Grades 4-5 are durum wheat flour, pasta, and feed for farm animals.
  • Grade 6 - the lowest external quality indicators, allowed the admixture of debris and other varieties of grain. In this class there are no strict standards on the amount of protein, weight and trace elements.

Humidity of any type of grain should not exceed 15%, the admixture of grains of other varieties is not more than 15%, garbage is not more than 5%, and the deformed and affected grains are not more than 10%.

The demand for grain for feed is very high because it is the basis for the preparation of animal feed. Wheat is a complex carbohydrate and extra energy in the winter. Protein in the form of peas or soy is added to the grain as a protein.

Feed wheat is sold to fattening all types of farm animals, including rabbits, cattle, pigs, chickens and other poultry. Depending on the type of animal, a certain grinding of grain is performed at the place of production of feed.

Benefits of wheat as feed

Many EU countries prefer to import Ukrainian wheat instead of cultivating and processing their own. This can be beneficial for various reasons, for example:

  • Lack of acreage.
  • Mass grain cultivation with GMOs.
  • There is no need for all classes of wheat, but only in fodder for the manufacture of compound feed.

Why wheat is best for making a complete diet:

  • Energetically rich product.
  • Low price.
  • The manufacturer provides complete laboratory control.
  • Stable carbohydrate composition.
  • The least affected is pathogenic bacteria.
  • Well digested.
  • Suitable for all types of farm animals.
  • If seeds are being pickled from fungus and rodents, the planting practically does not need additional treatment.

Supplies and prices for 6th class wheat

The company "AGRO-V" offers wholesale supplies of wheat for the manufacture of animal feed. You can order and buy by contacting us in any convenient way from those indicated in the contacts.

Why is it profitable to buy seeds from the company "AGRO-V":

  • Only certified products.
  • Exact timely deliveries.
  • Deliver to any region of the world (including Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, United Kingdom, Hungary, Germany, Greece, Denmark, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania , Slovakia, Slovenia, Finland, France, Croatia, Czech Republic, Sweden and Estonia, Canada, USA, Australia).
  • We take on transport and customs concerns.
  • Letter of credit.
  • Before sending we send grain samples.
  • We work on behalf of the manufacturer.
  • This product undergoes thorough laboratory control.
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