Feed yeast - on alcohol bard

Mass fraction of moisture,%, not more than: 10,0
Mass fraction of crude protein (in terms of absolutely dry substance),%, not less 47,0
Mass fraction of crude fiber (in terms of absolutely dry substance),%, not more than 19,0
Mass fraction of crude ash (in terms of absolutely dry substance),%, not more than 10,0
Size: in loose form: - the residue on the sieve with holes with a diameter of 5 mm - residue on the sieve with holes with a diameter of 2 mm,%, not more than in the form of granules: - diameter of granules, mm - length of granules, mm - pass through a sieve with holes with a diameter of 3 mm,%, not more than Not allowed 5,0 5— 13 No more than two diameters 5,0
The content of metallomagnetic impurities: - particles up to 2 mm inclusive, mg / kg, not more than - particles larger than 2 mm and with sharp cutting edges 30,0 Not allowed
Exchange energy, MJ / kg (kcal / 100 g), not less: for birds for pigs for cattle 220,00 (kcal / 100 g) 12,22 14,0
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Today, there are various ways to enrich the feed and feed mixes. There are synthetic and environmental additives, for example, dry fodder yeast.

This raw material is produced from the synthesis of the secondary product of alcohol production. Barda is environmentally friendly and ideally compatible with the digestion of birds and animals due to its natural composition. Raw material has a yellowish-beige shade, may be closer to brown. The smell is similar to normal food yeast.

Imports to EU countries are only getting better and depend on the goal of each farm. In fact, quite large shipments of high-protein premix are expected.

Use of feed yeast

The purpose of creating nutritional yeast is the value of their composition. Demand for the purchase is not yet large, since it is a relatively new type of product. It differs from the usual protein components of the feed in its protein richness and in that it allows to reduce the consumption of feed consumption.

In the composition of the yeast are important for the body micro and macro. You can not omit the value of amino acids for growth and strengthen muscle mass.

Yeast for feed is well eaten by chickens, waterfowl, young cattle, cattle, pigs. Also, the additive is suitable for calves, broilers, piglets eat well.

More accurate dosages of food yeast on alcohol bard for various animals in the ratio of the weight of feed:

  • Cattle - 5%.
  • Pigs - 10%.
  • Broilers - 7%.
  • Laying - 7%

As for the younger generation, it is important to check the dosage with the manufacturer or personal veterinarian on the basis of yeast documents.

Benefits of yeast in animal feed

The sale of alcoholic yeast is carried out mainly to enterprises that manufacture special feed mixtures. The cost of the product is negotiated with customers individually based on the volume of purchase.

With the inclusion of yeast in the diet of the animal, the manufacturer promises such advantages:

  • Increase the amount of milk coming.
  • Increased egg production.
  • Improving the taste of the product.
  • Reducing the cost of feed.
  • Weight gain animals.
  • Reducing bad cholesterol in eggs.
  • Increases the dietary quality of the product.
  • Reduces the appetite of the animal.
  • The animal becomes more active.
  • Regular inclusion in the diet strengthens the immune system.

To ensure that the quality of the yeast does not deteriorate, it is important to ensure their proper storage. Humidity up to 10% of not more than six months from the date of manufacture is considered ideal.

Ingredients of feed yeast on alcohol bard

The company "AGRO-V" offers to buy premix in the form of yeast in bulk. Only certified products are presented for you, each batch of which goes through strict laboratory control for the presence of deviations.

We are ready to provide product samples before shipping bulk goods. All documents, analyzes and research are attached to each consignment.

Wholesale deliveries are sent worldwide, namely Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Hungary, Germany, Greece, Denmark, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia , Slovenia, Finland, France, Croatia, Czech Republic, Sweden and Estonia, Canada, USA, Australia.

Also on sale are seeds, grain, cake and meal for the preparation of high-grade feed mixtures for feeding agricultural and fur animals.

Contact us in the way that is convenient for you, we will guide you on the final price and terms of cargo delivery to your region!

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