Wheat grain (5th class)

Pest infestation Not allowed, except for tick infestation not higher than II degree
Content of mineral admixture,%, not more than 1
Content of harmful impurity,%, no more: 0,2
- ergot and smut (together) 0,1
- seeds of creeping gorchaka and varicolored multicolored (together) 0,1
- heliotrope seeds of the pubescent and trikhodesma gray-haired Not allowed
The content of spoiled grains in the composition of weed impurities,%, not more 0,1
The content of the cockle in the composition of trash,%, not more 0,5
Fusarium grains content,%, not more than 1
Content of smut (maranny, sinegutic) grains,%, not more than 10
Dry matter content, g / kg, not less 860
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Cereal crops comprise dozens of varieties, among which wheat, barley, oats, rye, corn, and sorghum are considered the most popular. The demand for growing one or another grain depends on the goals set for the next sowing year.

Wheat grain has been holding the first positions in exports from Ukraine all over the world for several years. The import of grain is caused by the fact that the land is more susceptible to cultivation, it is rich in trace elements, and weather conditions only have a positive effect on the planting of agricultural enterprises.

Depending on the class of goods ready for shipment, its cost varies. The lower the class, the more so-called debris and impurities.

Features of wheat grain

Every producer is under an obligation to divide the commodity by classes. At a wheat they six. From 1 to 4 classes идут food wheat going to the groats and bakegoodss, also 4 a class can be used in combination with fifth for preparation of the mixed fodder. If to take only 5 and 6 classes, then they идут only as power basis under the feed of agricultural animals.

The moisture content of wheat does not exceed 15%, but it is not this that determines its classification. As a rule, the grain is sifted out with special machines. The first selection is grain calibration, the presence of green uncleaned impurities and debris. The more debris and impurities, the lower the price.

As garbage there can be unopening up ears, grains, parts of stems. For people it is garbage, and for a cattle nourishing energy source.

Benefits of wheat as a grain crop

Wheat for making of bread and pet food grow hundreds of years. Today those, whoever has the opportunity to grow seed buy in grain wholesale.

For a customer the wheat of fifth class has such advantages:

  • Nutritional complex carbohydrate feed for livestock.
  • An ideal basis for a diet during the winter period.
  • Low pricing policy.
  • Selling in bulk guarantees an even lower cost.
  • Suitable for the manufacture of cereals and pasta.

If you store grain bags, it must be on pallets. If you plan to store in bulk, it is important to sometimes rearrange the layers for better ventilation.

Supplies and prices for 5th class wheat

The agricultural enterprise “AGRO-V” offers to buy fifth grade fodder wheat directly from the manufacturer. We, as a supplier, offer our customers the following guarantees:

  • Accurate laboratory control of each batch of product.
  • Compliance of product characteristics with international quality standards.
  • 100% certified products.
  • The letter of credit for the safety of your finances.
  • Timely wholesale deliveries.
  • We remove concerns about logistics and customs issues.
  • Before sending a wholesale order, we offer to send a sample of the party.
  • We deliver to anywhere in the world (including Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Hungary, Germany, Greece, Denmark, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia , Slovenia, Finland, France, Croatia, Czech Republic, Sweden and Estonia, Canada, USA, Australia).

Contact us at your convenient time, we will quickly calculate the cost and terms of wholesale delivery to the selected region!

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