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Every year there is an increase in demand for cat litter. The owners love their pets, but no one likes to clean up after them several times a day and the smells that exude a dirty tray.

In the market of toilet fillers, the demand for mineral filler for a long time of use is growing.

These are lightweight granules, gray or brown in color, very porous. Among existing mineral fillers, it has proven itself best to consumers. Thanks to him, it becomes easier and faster to clean up after a pet.

Today, in addition to domestic demand, the demand for the import of pellets has increased. For most countries, it is more profitable to buy a product than to produce it yourself.

Features of mineral cat litter

The use of filler granules is very simple. Minerals in the required amount poured into the tray for the cat under the net or on it. When the animal defecates, the filler absorbs all the moisture and absorbs the unpleasant smell. The owner of the pet can only remove solid waste and once in a while make a complete replacement of the pellets.

The manufacturer assures that the replacement of silica gel should be done every 7 days, but the practice shows other results. One has to clean up every 5 days, and the other once every 10 days. It depends on the individual characteristics of each animal.

The cost of filler for the tray is average, but higher than that of wooden granulated sawdust. Nevertheless, the product fully pays off and justifies itself.

To open the bag with the filler does not lose its properties, it is important to observe the proper storage of the granules. Take care of a dry place that is well ventilated.

The disadvantage of the filler is that when it is poured it dusts and it is absolutely impossible to flush it into the toilet.

Use of mineral litters

Today, well-established import of cat litter to Europe. One of the main manufacturers for a long time were companies in the United States and now in Ukraine.

The price of the filler is higher than other well-known methods of cat litter hygiene and depends on the purchase volume. It is more profitable to buy pellets in bulk.

AGRO-V offers the sale of a mineral filler for a pet's toilet. Why it is profitable to cooperate with us:

  • Only certified products.
  • Letter of credit.
  • Timely wholesale deliveries.
  • Each batch undergoes quality control in the laboratory.
  • We offer a sample of products before wholesale shipment.
  • Delivery to any corner of the world (including Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Hungary, Germany, Greece, Denmark, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania , Slovakia, Slovenia, Finland, France, Croatia, Czech Republic, Sweden and Estonia, Canada, USA, Australia).
  • We remove from you logistic concerns and customs clearance.

Production of mineral litters

Toilet filler is a godsend for the modern busy person. Many of us are at work most of the day and can not clean the tray from impurities in time. Thanks to absorbing minerals, a cat can go to the toilet for a small need for several days under a row.

Granules are absolutely safe for animals, do not stick to their paws. The product is non-toxic to humans and animals. The safety of silica gel confirms the exact laboratory control that each new batch passes.

To buy mineral filler for the tray - contact us convenient for you! The manager will advise, announce the final cost and quickly place an order!

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