Triticale - grain winter triticale

Nature, g / l not less 680
Humidity. % no more 14.0
Vitreous. K. not less Not limited
Falling number, s. not less 100
Mass fraction of protein in terms of
dry matter. %, not less than * 10
The amount of gluten. % not less 18
The quality of gluten is not lower. II satisfactory strong: II unsatisfactory weak
unit of the device IDK 30—102
Weed impurity. K. no more 2.0
mineral admixture 0.3
in the number of mineral impurities:
pebbles, slag, ore 0.1
cockle 0.5
spoiled grain 0.5
Grain admixture. V no more 5.0
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About all cereals we know? Maybe there are those who have been known for a little over thirty years and have not yet had time to become the product that is in demand throughout the world.

One of these cultures is triticale. This cereal, which is actively selected to become more profitable for growing and mass consumption throughout the world.

In fact, triticale grain is a hybrid of rye and wheat. This is a new type of plant that has arisen artificially, thanks to experienced agronomists.

Wholesale supplies of cereals are not as active as, for example, natural rye and wheat. Few people know about the features of the product and its advantages over known types of cereals.

Features of triticale grain

The purpose of creating triticale is an attempt to achieve a promising winter cereal that is convenient for growing. To grain was soft, like wheat and resistant to frosts like rye.

A culture is only included in a number those, that bought as an import. One are already acquainted with advantages of new cereal, and other are acquired for an acquaintance and introduction to the agricultural turn.

The feature of triticale is the high productivity and frost-resistance. Today culture on slightly grow in many countries of the world, especially Poland and Belarus.

In the process of growing distinguish food and feed triticale.

Advantages of winter triticale

The quality of a new crop far exceeds the value of wheat. Due to the sticky properties of flour, the product is actively used in the production of confectionery and bakery.

Thanks to the introduction of triticale flour, finished products are obtained of higher quality and value for the human body.

The protein contained in grains has an increased concentration of amino acids, including essential ones, which the body takes from meat products. When compared to rye and wheat, a new culture contains from 1.5 to 3% more pure protein.

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Triticale varieties

Growing this cereal is less costly in finance and time. As a result, you will get a rich grain harvest, which can be used as a raw material in the food industry and as a feed additive to farm animals.

Today there are two varieties of culture:

  • Winter triticale is the most resistant to frost among existing crops.
  • Spring triticale is less in demand, but grows well in any region.

Triticale yields 1.5 times more grain than wheat and 2 times more grain than rye. This is a strategically strong culture that is able to supplant and replace the previously mentioned.

Triticale value for feed

Some agricultural enterprises grow triticale exclusively for feed mixtures. This has its own benefits, since the culture is more energetically valuable with a high protein content.

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