Sunflower meal - loose for feed

Mass fraction of moisture and volatile substances,% 9-12
Mass fraction of ash, not soluble in hydrochloric acid, in terms of absolutely dry substance,%, not more than: 1
Mass fraction of metal-grade,%, not more than: - particles up to 2 mm - particles larger than 2 mm and particles with sharp cutting edges 0,01 Not allowed
The content of mycotoxins, million (mg / kg), not more than: - zearalenone - T-2 toxin - dezaksinivalenola 1 0,1 1
The content of toxic elements, million (mg / kg) no more: - mercury - cadmium - lead 0,02 0,1 0,5
Mass fraction of isothiocyanates in terms of absolutely dry and skimmed substance,% not more than: 0,8
Impurities (stones, glass, earth) Not allowed
Content of nitrates, one million (mg / kg), no more: 450
Nitrite content, million (mg / kg), not more than: 10
Pest infestation Not allowed
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In order to feed large livestock of farm animals, it is required to provide them with a full balanced diet. The basis is the energy component, that is, carbohydrates, but an important integral part is protein.

Protein for feed is waste from the production of oils (sunflower, soybean, hemp, rapeseed). Sunflower meal is one of the most common products in Ukraine, as the country is famous for the production of natural fragrant oil from sunflower seeds.

Distinguish meal from sunflower in granules and toasted. This product is the result of the manufacture of vegetable oil. In the first case, it looks like pressed pellets, and in the second, as fine sawdust.

Mass imports to European countries indicate a high demand for raw materials for the manufacture of animal feed or personal customer goals.

Features of loose sunflower meal

Granulated meal is an important component of the feed. It contains on average 40% of natural plant protein and a full set of amino acids. Methionine is an important amino acid, it is needed to strengthen and grow the younger generation of animals and birds.

The product is well suited for all types of animals, it is eaten by chickens, waterfowl, young cattle, cattle, pigs, piglets. But the best feed with the addition of sunflower meal is suitable for laying hens and broilers. For poultry, meal is widely used from 7-14 days of life.

So that the product does not lose its value, it is important to arrange the room in which the product will be stored. It should be protected from the sun by the best room where humidity and temperature conditions are controlled.

Benefits of loose meal

Sale of Ukrainian meal for feed is widely popular throughout the world. The demand is due to the fact that the product passes a precise laboratory control.

The manufacturer of the product guarantees such benefits from the inclusion of meal in the diet:

  • Increased egg production.
  • Elimination of exhaustion of laying hens.
  • Rapid weight gain in broiler chickens.
  • High-quality fattening of chickens and chickens from the seventh day after birth.
  • Favorably affects the overall immunity of the animal.
  • It is allowed to feed with clean meal or as an additive to feed.
  • Low cost.

Depending on the type of animal, it is important that the meal had a certain composition, namely it is interested in the level of fiber. For birds, a content of about 20% is allowed, and for other types of animals, no more than 12% is recommended.

Composition of sunflower meal

The company "AGRO-V" offers wholesale sunflower seeds or meal. Regular wholesale deliveries are made worldwide, namely Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Hungary, Germany, Greece, Denmark, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Finland, France, Croatia, Czech Republic, Sweden and Estonia, Canada, USA, Australia.

The price for each customer is individual as it is calculated based on the area of ​​delivery and the required volume of the product.

Cooperation with us is:

  • 100% certified products.
  • Quality control of each batch in the laboratory.
  • The optimal cost.
  • Carefree customs and logistics.
  • Delivery to any region.
  • Consultation specialist.

Contact us, we will actually show how it is easy to buy components for first-class compound feed!

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