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According to global analytical data in recent years, Ukraine has become a leader in the production of oil cake from sunflower seeds all over the world. China is in second place with soybean, and the third is European rapeseed makuhe.

One of the products of trade and economic relations of Ukraine with the world is exactly the vegetable cake. In fact, it is a departure from the oil industry after pressing the grain, which has found application in the manufacture of feed mixtures and fertilizers. The product comes from the processing of flax seed, rapeseed, sunflower and soybeans.

Oilcake has a high nutritional value and is important for the digestion of chickens, pigs, cattle and waterfowl. It is included as a dietary supplement in feed on a regular basis.

In some countries, the import of cake is very popular. It was used to make a first-class supplement to the diet of farm animals.

Peculiarity and benefits of cake

Very often cake is confused with such a product as meal. Their main difference is that the first one has a higher fat content and protein content than the second one.

There are several varieties of oilcake. Each of them has its own characteristics:

  • Sunflower seeds are made from sunflower seeds, therefore the fat content and protein concentration depend on whether the seed has been purified from the husk.
  • Rapeseed is one of the cheapest species of makuha, which is rarely used in Ukraine, but is in high demand in the USA and Europe.
  • Soy - soybeans are used as one of the richest sources of vegetable protein.

Derivative from plants is well digested by animals, and also helps to digest trace elements from feed. Prized for its high protein content, which acts as a builder of bones, muscles and ligaments.

In contrast to corn silage, canola meal is rich in methionine. This moment is especially important for pig farms.

Using of cake

Makuha contains a high amount of protein (20-40%), fat (7-14%), vitamins and trace elements depending on the type of culture from which it was obtained. As a feed product is very beneficial to include in the diet of animals. In the ratio of price and performance, you can see such changes:

  • Animals have become more active.
  • Milk yield and egg production increase.
  • Feed consumption is reduced by 10-15%.
  • Young growth is more likely to grow.
  • Bones and joints are strengthened.
  • Daily increase in fattening growth.
  • With proper management stops the case.
  • Positive effect on the immune system and the general state of the population.

Due to its versatility and fine grinding, the product is suitable for feeding all types of living creatures from waterfowl to cattle.

It is important to consider not only the proper use of the product, but also the storage:

  • The cake absorbs moisture well, and when the moisture content of the product exceeds 11%, it begins to rot.
  • Fresh cake can not be stored for very long, it is important to immediately find its use.
  • It is important to introduce the nut into the diet of the animals according to their type and weight.
  • Sunflower cake is not suitable for starters pigs and poultry.
  • With long-term storage of rapeseed meal, its use by the bird gives a greenish hue of yolk and fishy smell of meat.
  • A dishonest manufacturer often falsifies a product by diluting it with foreign cheap impurities.

Before you buy cake consult your veterinarian or read the reviews on the forums you trust.

Prices for wholesale deliveries

The company "AGRO-V" is a direct supplier of agricultural products, namely plant cake to Europe, the USA, Africa and the countries of Asia. You can buy the product by contacting us in any convenient way.

The total price of the product is calculated individually for each customer based on the volume and distance of delivery. We try to select the most comfortable prices for everyone, so that it will be profitable for you to buy our product for processing.

It is beneficial to cooperate with us for such reasons:

  • Regular wholesale supply.
  • Each batch is subject to mandatory laboratory control.
  • Only certified products.
  • Consultation and assistance in the selection of technological maps of animal feed.
  • Letter of credit payment.
  • Customs control and logistics are completely our concern.
  • We work from the manufacturer.
  • We send samples of a cake before wholesale sending.
  • Delivers cargo to such destinations as Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Hungary, Germany, Greece, Denmark, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Finland, France, Croatia, Czech Republic, Sweden and Estonia, Canada, USA, Australia.

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