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Sunflower meal use in Europe

Sunflower meal is a solid residue of oilseeds, which remains after obtaining sunflower oil by the extraction method.

The remainder is not thrown away, but used as animal feed, as well as for the production of compound feed. Taking into account the fact that sunflower is most often grown in the territories of the CIS countries, most often the meal from this crop is exported to other countries also from the territory of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. The EU countries are actively importing these products, since they do not have enough of their own sowing areas for sunflowers.

Most often, Ukrainian products are purchased by France, Georgia and Lithuania. At the same time, the EU accounts for up to 60% of all exports of Ukrainian sunflower meal. By the way, it is Ukraine that is the world’s largest exporter of this product.

Sunflower meal benefits

It should be noted that the meal can be of different quality, and it depends on how the oil was obtained. At the same time, various types of meal can be used in agriculture – birds, pigs, and cattle are happy to eat this feed. According to statistics, it is in this type of residual substance of oil production that the largest amount of protein (up to 50%), as well as fiber, vitamins B and E and other microelements useful for the body of animals. By the way, it is believed that the more protein is contained in the meal, the higher its value, so manufacturers are trying to increase the percentage of this substance in products. It is also known to contain more sodium and calcium than cereal seeds. The use of such a product in breeding animals and poultry allows you to increase the profitability and quality of the initial product, which is especially noticeable when fattening young representatives. By the way, this feed is resistant to mycotoxin contamination, which allows it to be stored for a long time even under unfavorable conditions.

Sunflower meal application

Since these products have a high nutritional value, the use of sunflower meal is usually limited to agriculture. This additive can be incorporated into feed on farms, or used as a basis for the preparation of compound feed. One kilogram contains up to 10.43 MJ of metabolic energy, 270 g of protein, 230 g of fiber and 12 g of fat. For dairy cows, meal can be added to the diet of 20% of the total feed weight, and for gobies – 10%. Thanks to this feed, the amount of phosphorus, amylase and phosphatase in the blood of animals increases, while the amount of cholesterol, total protein and albumin decreases. It is known that if dairy cows receive feeding of this quality every day, then this increases the fat content of milk by 5%, as well as the content of protein and dry matter in it, and increases the average daily milk yield by 9%.

Also, meal can be introduced into the diet of birds, as a rule, from a week of age. Laying hens should be given such a top dressing in the amount of 35 grams per day, slightly reducing the dosage in winter.

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