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Top 5 Rapeseed Oil Producers in the World

Rape is traditionally considered one of the most important crops not only for the food industry, but also for the energy sector.

The biofuel obtained from this plant is successfully used in the operation of automobiles and industrial machines. Well, rapeseed oil is an excellent alternative to other types of vegetable oils, and in terms of production and sales, it even outstrips popular olive and sunflower oils.

The benefits of rapeseed oil are high levels of vitamin E and other polyunsaturated fatty acids. The use of this product helps to strengthen the walls of blood vessels and reduce blood cholesterol levels. The latter, by the way, is an excellent prevention of heart and vascular diseases.

Rapeseed oil production

This crop is successfully grown all over the world, but the main producers of this product remain Canada, China and India, as well as the EU countries. It is predicted that after successful previous seasons, rapeseed oil of the first cold pressed in the season 2019-2020 will be produced in significantly smaller volumes. Basically, the decline in production is associated with a decrease in yields due to drought in the EU countries. So, in Europe will produce 6% less crude unrefined oil from rapeseed, or 9.3 tons. Also, a decrease in yields is expected in other countries – in Canada, this figure will fall to 4.05 million tons, in China – to 3.2 million tons. However, in India, production of oil from rapeseed will increase to 4% per year (2.65 million tons).

The world ending stocks of this product will also decrease to 2.8 million tons.

Such indicators are associated with obvious unfavorable weather conditions – drought against the background of global warming. However, this makes it possible for other countries, in particular Ukraine, to directly engage in the supply of this product to countries where there will be a shortage of it.

In order to successfully trade with European countries, it is necessary to strictly adhere to the requirements for the documents put forward by the countries of the Customs Union. You can get acquainted with them on the official website of the department.

Consumption of rapeseed oil in the world

Does it make sense to grow a crop like rape and produce oil from it? Against the background of declining production of this product in other countries, oil consumption continues to grow. In this regard, the EU will only increase imports of this product from other countries. The United States is also showing interest in buying rapeseed oil – in 2020, the country plans to import 2.46 million tons of this product to meet domestic demand. Given the popularity of biofuels, rapeseed oil will remain the leader in purchases among other countries.

It is important that rapeseed oil is very popular in the EU countries – it is often used as a healthy alternative to other vegetable oils. This product is not only purchased ready-made, but also made directly at factories in Europe, buying raw materials from other countries. This allows Ukrainian farmers not to worry about the marketing opportunities for this crop, since they will gladly buy it even as a plant.

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