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Features of the supply of rapeseed to the EU countries

Rape is one of the most consumed crops for European countries, both in food and in industrial spheres.

Oil is obtained from rapeseed, which can be used in cooking, as well as meal, which is used for animal feed. In addition, rapeseed is one of the components of biofuels, which is now actively emphasized by the EU countries that support the preservation of the environment. At the same time, despite the fact that Europe grows its own rapeseed, this crop is not enough in the EU, and farmers are actively buying it in other countries. One of the main partners of the EU in this direction is Ukraine, which accounts for up to 90% of the market, but with new requirements already in the coming season, the export of this crop may significantly decrease.

What is needed for the supply of rapeseed to the EU

In order to import rapeseed, producers must adhere to the strict requirements that are introduced in the EU. We are talking about the quality of the supplied products, in particular, about the rules for growing rapeseed. So, in Europe, in 2020, they began to demand the cultivation of rapeseed without the use of chlorpyrifos, which is an active ingredient in many insecticides that protect crops from harmful insects. It is noted that in the EU since 2020 it is prohibited to import products with a content of this substance of more than 0.01%. It is assumed that because of this requirement, exports from about 40% of the cultivated areas located in Ukraine may be blocked. By the way, we are talking not only about the use of these substances during the cultivation of crops, but also about their use during the storage of a batch of agricultural products. The same applies to a substance such as chlorpyrifos-methyl. At the same time, earlier experts predicted that up to 90% of Ukrainian exports should go to the EU countries.

To comply with these requirements, Ukrainian producers will have to provide the necessary documents, which indicate the chemical composition of the batch of the rapeseed crop and prove that no prohibited substances were used in its cultivation. These features can negatively affect the supply of this crop to the EU, reducing the supply of Ukrainian rapeseed to other countries.

Features of rapeseed import

However, Ukrainian rapeseed still has a chance to enter the world market – according to statistics, now China is actively buying local products. In particular, rapeseed oil is supplied to this market, and Ukraine’s share in this market is 71%. In addition, farmers plan to increase the processing of this crop domestically. It is noted that with good yields and export prices from $ 425 per ton, Ukrainian farmers will be able to successfully sell this crop abroad.

Let’s remind that the largest partner countries of Ukraine in the purchase of rapeseed are Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Poland. In addition, Ukraine is actively trading agricultural products with Turkey.

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