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Features of the import of alcohol stillage to the EU countries

Distillery stillage is a by-product of the alcohol industry and is produced in large quantities.

Due to the scale of production, distillery stillage is a real problem for producers, because if there are no problems with the sale of alcohol, then disposal of stillage causes great difficulties. Given the growing trend towards sustainable production, distillery stillage is not the best residual product in production, since it causes significant damage to the environment during its production. Nevertheless, industries find a way out of this situation by processing vinasse into other, more useful for human activities, compounds. This is how biogas is obtained – one of the most promising types of fuel. Also vinasse is used as a basis for the production of feed for farm animals, or is used for industrial needs. As a rule, only European factories are engaged in the processing of stillage, where the newest, more environmentally friendly equipment is installed for this, and these factories need a large amount of waste from the alcohol industry for stable operation.

What you need to know about the processing of alcohol stillage

European manufactures are ready to purchase vinasse at a favorable price for local producers, which is especially important for wholesale supplies of this substance to EU countries. Despite the high demand for vinasse, alcohol producers face significant difficulties when trying to sell it to other countries, since this product very quickly loses its quality and sour if stored improperly. That is why European factories are trying to buy vinasse from neighboring, close-by countries, from which it is possible to ensure fast transportation of this substance. Manufacturers should remember that stillage can only be transported in special containers that ensure the safety of the product. Ukrainian manufacturers should be mindful of the requirements for product quality in Europe, and strictly follow all transportation rules for successful cooperation with the EU in this area.

In which EU countries is alcohol stillage processed?

To develop successful cooperation with the EU countries, it is necessary to focus on those countries where there are large plants for the production of fuel ethanol. These countries include Germany and Austria. It is here that the “heart” of Europe is located for the production of more environmentally friendly fuel, which is becoming especially in demand in the face of rising prices for natural gas. By the way, it is biogas that is considered the least expensive in terms of production, but for the production of dry stillage, stronger capacities are needed, which are not available in all countries. By the way, fodder yeast used in agriculture is also obtained from alcohol stillage. Therefore, it makes sense for producers to focus on countries with a powerfully developed animal husbandry, and to supply their product there as well.

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