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Main suppliers of alcohol stocks

Distillery stillage is a residual product released during the production of alcohol.

It is a dry powder, which is often not utilized, but goes for further consumption, for example, for feed for farm animals. This helps to reduce the cost of the ration of poultry and animals, while not reducing its quality. It is known that grain feed tends to rise in price, especially against the background of global crises and unfavorable climatic conditions. In order to continue raising poultry, it is necessary to use cheaper analogs of feed, but remember that birds need high-quality nutrition for fast weight gain. In this situation, the wastes of the alcohol industry come to the rescue, for example, alcohol stillage, which can be introduced into the diet starting from the month of life. This feed can be administered together with other compound feeds at a dosage of up to 15%. The spirit stillage contains useful vitamins, cartotenoids and organic acids, which contribute to the quality development of birds and animals.

Main suppliers of distillery stillage

Suppliers of alcohol stillage to the EU countries, as a rule, are located on the territory of Ukraine and Russia, since the alcohol industry is developed in these countries. At the same time, residues, such as vinasse, are much cheaper in price compared to the cost of this product in other countries. An equally important feature is the convenient geographical position of Ukraine for trade, which allows you to quickly deliver the product to the EU countries, makes our country one of the main trade suppliers of bard.

Ukrainian barda helps to cover the needs of Europe for this product.

Alcohol stillage import trend

In order to understand what volumes of bard supplies producers can count on, you should know that bard can be processed to obtain:

– fodder yeast

– biogas

-dry stillage and substrate


At the same time, the last product in Europe began to be especially actively produced in recent decades against the backdrop of rising prices for natural gas and a growing trend for environmentally friendly consumption. For these purposes, bard is imported even from the United States – according to statistics, it is America that provides Europe with the bulk of bard.

Demand for alcohol stillage in the EU

Despite active trade with the United States, Europe is experiencing a shortage of alcohol stillage, and therefore continues to purchase this product in other countries, for example, in Ukraine. In order to maintain active trade with Europe, Ukrainian producers need to undergo certification for their products and provide documents necessary for work confirming the quality of bard.

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