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New product – Silica gel cat litter

The company AGRO-V launches a new product to control the hygiene of the house, which has pets. These are granules for the tray, which have become a salvation for many cat owners.

Silica gel is similar to small transparent pebbles of approximately the same size, consisting of silicon dioxide. In nature, such a product can be found in the form of sand. According to the external characteristics of the granules are similar to crystals or pieces of broken glass. The product tends to absorb moisture and strong odors.

Granules are absolutely safe for the environment, humans and pets. Unlike other fillers of this kind, silica gel is much more practical and more economical.

Advantages of silica gel from AGRO-V

Today, various fillers are popular with cat lovers. The best option according to customer reviews was silica gel filler.

Why it is profitable to buy new silica gel from the company “AGRO-V”:

  • The ability to buy goods in bulk.
  • We guarantee timely deliveries.
  • Worldwide shipping.
  • We take care of logistics and customs.
  • We offer a secure letter of credit.
  • Only high quality certified products.
  • Competent advice.
  • Import to your region without worry!

Features of the use of litter for cat litter

Cat litter silica gel is a godsend for the twenty first century cat lover. Thanks to the filler, there is no need to clean the tray several times a day. It is enough to remove solid waste, and you need to replace the filler much less often.

The manufacturer claims that the silica gel packaging lasts at least a month, but based on the practice one can say for sure that everything depends on each individual animal. The same volume of granules can be enough for one cat for two weeks, and another for four.

Advantages of silica gel granules:

  • It absorbs moisture well.
  • Retains the spread of unpleasant odors.
  • One tray fill lasts at least 2 weeks.
  • Can be used for kittens and adult cats.
  • Very economical.
  • Attractive price for easy to use product.
  • The product is non-toxic and undergoes laboratory testing.
  • Granules have an attractive appearance.
  • Does not stick to wool.
  • It has antibacterial properties that prevent the spread of microbes.
  • Leaves no residue and in small quantities can be flushed into the toilet.

Disadvantages of toilet filler:

  • Not all adult cats will like new crunchy granules.
  • Sometimes individual pebbles stick to the paws and can occur throughout the house.

Do you want less personal time to clean the cat pot and protect yourself from the smell in the toilet? We know the solution – contact us right now!

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