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TOP-10 manufacturers of rapeseed oil in Europe

Rapeseed oil has long been popular in Europe, but the real boom in the consumption of this product occurred only in the 20th century.

The thing is that manufacturers have found the opportunity to supply this product not only for food use, but also for industrial production. That is why raw unrefined oil of the first cold pressing is used in food (for example, it is often added to baked goods or oil products), and another type of this product is used for shipbuilding, shipping and even energy production. Many countries from year to year only increase the rate of production of this product, and therefore it will be useful to know which oil suppliers are considered the most reliable.

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Rating of rapeseed oil producers in the EU

Rapeseed oil is produced by countries where agricultural production is at a high level of development. According to statistics, the largest supplying countries of this product in the world include:

  • Canada – 19.0 million tons;
  • China – 13.1 million tons;
  • India – 7.7 million tons;
  • France – 3.6 million tons;
  • Ukraine – 3.3 million tons.
  • Germany – 3 million tons.
  • Poland – 2.3 million tons.
  • Australia – 2.3 million tons.
  • Russia – 2.1 million tons.
  • Great Britain – 1.8 million tons.

It is noteworthy that the EU countries are the main importers of this product, since it is in Europe that the demand for rapeseed oil is especially high. Thus, according to Indexbox Al Platform, the consumption of rapeseed oil in the EU amounted to USD 12.6 billion in 2018 alone (this is 11% more than a year earlier), and this figure is growing every year. This year, the EU produced 13 million tons of oil, which is 6.7% more than in 2017.

As for the local production itself, there are such main countries that produce high-quality rapeseed oil:

  1. Germany (35%)
  2. Belgium (11%)
  3. France (10%)
  4. Netherlands (9.8%)
  5. Czech Republic (9.7)
  6. Denmark (8.9%)
  7. United Kingdom (8.7%)
  8. Poland (7.6%)
  9. Austria (5.5%)
  10. Lithuania (3.2%)

At the same time, one should not forget that European countries have little of their own production, and therefore they more often arrange oil supplies from other countries, in particular, from Ukraine. Of course, Ukrainian rapeseed oil must meet all the necessary product quality requirements in order to obtain import documents. In the last year, the EU introduced particularly stringent requirements that relate to the content of certain substances in the finished product, but this will not become an obstacle to supplies, experts say.

Demand for rapeseed oil in Europe

Rapeseed oil is not only a food product for Europe. An alternative energy source is obtained from it – biodiesel, which is the flagship of the development of “green” technologies in the EU. In particular, up to 96% of diesel fuel can be obtained from one ton of this plant. That is why the EU countries are actively buying oil, and, despite a slight decrease in demand in 2019, experts predict the growth of this market already in 2020. Taking into account current trends, the demand for rapeseed oil will only grow, which increases the feasibility of its procurement and subsequent sale.

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