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Major producers of refined sunflower oil in Europe

In the refining process, the oil settles, is filtered, then the alkaline medium is neutralized and refined with an absorbent substance to clarify the product.

Refined oil has a light and transparent color. Unrefined oil has a strong smell, taste and is perfect for salads and cold dishes. This oil has a darker color, and if it is not used for a long time, a precipitate appears. In this case, the oil cannot be used for cooking or frying due to the formation of a carcinogen harmful to health. First cold pressed oil is considered less hazardous. Raw materials for its production during processing are not exposed to thermal effects and retains all their useful properties.

Refined sunflower oil is used not only in the food industry, but also in cosmetology and pharmaceuticals.

The leaders in the production of refined sunflower oil are Ukraine, Russia and Argentina. The main consumers are the European Union and MENA.

The export of this product from Ukraine at the end of 2019 amounted to about 70 thousand tons. This is a record monthly shipments of refined sunflower oil.

At the beginning of 2020, production in this industry in Ukraine amounted to 78.09 thousand tons, which is 37.6% higher than as a result of the processing of refined sunflower oil of the same period in 2019.

Shipments of refined products amounted to about 10% of the total export of sunflower oil from the country.

According to statistics, in September-April 2019-2020, European countries became the main importers of Ukrainian refined sunflower oil. Import leaders are France, Poland and the Netherlands.

What is needed for the supply of refined sunflower oil to the EU

Import of sunflower oil can be prevented and / or rejected due to numerous reasons, for example, due to improper certification, contamination of the oil with benzopyrene or the presence of mineral oil. Therefore, importers in the supply should take into account many requirements.

Particular attention should be paid to ensure that the oil is not rancid. This condition is extremely important, that is, special attention should be paid to its observance at all stages of the production process, from harvesting to distribution. The manufacturer must keep the grain and equipment clean to prevent contamination of the raw materials.

Europe is trying to exclude intermediaries due to commodity circulation and distribute final products directly through large retailers. Pack sunflower oil in tank containers, flexible tanks, containers or thermoplastic bottles with a volume of 750 ml or 2 liters. The reason importers may prefer plastic rather than glass is because the shipping cost for plastic is less than the cost of glass, and there is a much lower risk of package damage. The volume and weight of the package should be minimal.

The manufacturer must thoroughly clean the packaging before loading the oil and fill the tanks as much as possible to prevent rancidity. It is also necessary to ensure the correct temperature during transportation (from 6 to 25 degrees Celsius). The manufacturer must prevent the ingress of air, particles of rust, moisture, debris, as well as self-heating of the goods. English is used for labeling, unless otherwise specified by the exporter. Labeling should include information on the name of the product, manufacturer’s number / lot code, the ability to eat the product, the name and address of the exporter, country of origin, expiration date, net weight or volume in metric units, recommended storage conditions.

Features of the import of refined sunflower oil

Consumer preferences may vary from country to country. In France, consumers prefer intense yellow color with a bright taste of medium to high sunflower, Italians and Germans prefer nut and grain flavor and taste. In comparison, Dutch consumers prefer sunflower oil with a neutral taste and smell.

In addition to France, Poland and the Netherlands, refined sunflower oil is actively imported in Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Germany, Belgium, Spain and Italy.

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