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Features of the import of sunflower cake to the EU

In the process of producing vegetable oil from compressed seeds, cake is obtained, which is a useful feed for animals.

Sunflower meal is actively used by farmers to feed pigs, cattle and horses, as it is an excellent source of protein. This product becomes the basis of compound feed, and therefore it is profitable for farmers to sell it, including to other countries.

Sunflower meal should contain about 11% liquid, 41% protein, 7% fat, 5.5% fiber, as well as 25% starch and sugar and 6.5% ash. Only such a product can be imported abroad. Oil cake has a good effect on the daily weight gain of animals, increases milk yield and improves metabolism, and also strengthens the immunity of animals.

What is needed for the supply of sunflower meal to the EU

Like sunflower oil, sunflower cake is actively purchased by the EU countries, where there is not enough own sown area for growing this crop. Moreover, Europe has its own requirements for the final product. In particular, the cake must have the necessary documents, for example, an analysis for the content of organic substances in the product. This means that the original product should be grown as much as possible without the use of genetically modified products. A forage crop such as sunflower must be certified according to international standards, in particular, USDA Organic, which covers all aspects of the production, processing, transportation and sale of organic products. By the way, thanks to this certificate of local products, access to the US markets, which also export sunflower cake for agricultural needs, can be opened.

In addition, you can familiarize yourself with the features that a particular country imposes on the quality of products on the website of the Customs Union.

Features of the import of sunflower cake

Despite the fact that Europe ranks second in the production of sunflower meal, Ukraine remains the main supplier of this product. According to statistics, it is Ukraine that accounts for up to 6 million tons of imported oil cake, which is then used for animal feed. Our country’s competitors in this market are the Russian Federation, where up to 2 million tons of sunflower cake are produced, as well as Argentina with indicators up to 600 thousand tons.

The EU is the main importer of this product, since all countries need up to 5 million tons. Also, Ukrainian sunflower cake is exported to Turkey, which needs up to 900 thousand tons of this product.

It is worth considering some of the features of this product. In particular, the cake should be stored at a moisture content of up to 12% so that it does not rot and give bitterness. In addition, this product cannot be stored for a long time due to the oxidation of the oil.

Despite these features, sunflower cake has a high profitability in terms of price-performance ratio, which makes it profitable for its production and further sale abroad.

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