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Sunflower Oil Production Statistics in Europe from 2015-2020

Sunflower oil is still among the leaders in terms of consumption in the world.

Despite the popularity of soybean oil, as well as oils from other plants, it is the raw unrefined sunflower oil that is most actively sold. Sunflower oil contains vitamins and microelements necessary for the good functioning of internal organs. In addition, it improves the functioning of the heart and blood vessels, lowers cholesterol levels, helps in the functioning of the brain and normalizes the functions of the gastrointestinal tract.

Ukraine remains one of the leaders in the production of first cold-pressed oil, which, by the way, is considered the most useful and natural. However, in European countries I am constantly improving technologies that make it possible to produce this type of oil on site.

Supply and demand for sunflower oil from 2015-2020

India has long been the main buyer of Ukrainian sunflower oil. In addition, according to statistics, locally produced butter was actively bought in China (about 1 million tons), the Netherlands (593 thousand tons), Iraq (487 thousand tons), as well as in European countries, in particular in Spain (484 thousand tons). tons). During the period from 2015 to 2020, Ukraine continued to increase supplies of sunflower oil to other countries, including by sea.

The following companies are included in the top exporters:

Kernel – 1.47 million tons.

COFCO – 944.2 thousand tons

Bunge – 603.7 thousand tons (10.6%);

Alfa Trading (Wilmar) – 575 thousand tons

Cargill – 457.5 thousand tons

At the same time, in recent years, there has been a downward trend in demand, since soybean and linseed oil, as well as rapeseed products, took the first places in popularity. However, already in 2020, experts noted a new feature of the market – the return of interest in sunflower oil among buyers from other countries.

Dynamics of prices for sunflower oil from 2015 to 2020

If in 2015 the prices for Ukrainian-made sunflower oil reached $ 600 per ton, then by 2020, after a slight fall, a new trend has emerged – the price of $ 940-970 per ton. At the same time, the offer of sunflower oil has reached $ 1,000 per ton for spot deliveries, but sellers are in no hurry to trade in physical goods, as they are afraid of a sharp decline in the yield and a rapid rise in prices. Despite this, sunflower oil has become the most expensive in Europe, overtaking even the popular rapeseed oil in price.

Traders assume that once a physical product enters the markets and the crop is fully harvested, prices for that product will stabilize. However, it can already be assumed that the cost of this type of oil will remain attractive for sales abroad.

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