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Major suppliers of brewer grains in Europe

Beer grain remains after boiling and suction of the wort from barley and is a waste of the brewing industry.

This thicket contains the remnants of kernels and shells of grain, and therefore they can be fed as animal feed. In addition, this product is the basis for biogas production, which is of particular interest to buyers from Europe.

Fresh 100 kg of this substance contains up to 21 feed units and 4 kg of digestible protein, and in dry form the amount of these components is 75, 7 and 16.9 kg, respectively. For these reasons, spent grain is often included in the diet of farm animals – it helps to quickly gain weight and at the same time is not costly. In addition, grains have recently begun to be added to human food, for example, a small part of it is used to make bread with bran.

Major suppliers of brewer grains

The deliveries of this product to the EU countries are carried out from countries such as Ukraine, Russia and Belarus – here the cost of this product is as cheap as possible, and the territorial proximity to Europe helps to quickly transport the goods without loss of quality. At the same time, Ukrainian manufacturers are of particular interest to Europeans, since not so many documents are needed to formalize Ukrainian-made products. In particular, the products require transport documents, as well as a quality certificate or a passport for the goods. When selling in bulk, it is more convenient to draw up all the necessary papers through intermediaries in order to standardize the grain to the requirements of European countries.

Brewer grains import trend

Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Germany, Poland and Spain are interested in the import of brewer grains. At the same time, dry grains can be sold the most expensive, the price of which is up to $ 140 per ton. Ordinary pellet is cheaper – only $ 0.16 per ton. In addition, the EU countries are interested in buying a wet product at a price of $ 28 per ton. Ukrainian producers can offer this product not only to biogas producers, but also for the production of food for farm animals. Although in recent years, spent grain has been added to feed in a smaller amount, there is still interest in this additive in the industry.

Demand for beer grains in the EU

Despite the fact that in Europe itself there are a lot of manufacturers of this product (we are talking about countries that are engaged in brewing, for example, Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic), at the moment the demand for this product is only growing. The thing is that the spent grain is used not only as animal feed, but also for the production of biogas. Taking into account the trend towards environmentally friendly consumption, the demand for spent grain, which serves as the basis for biogas, continues to increase, therefore EU countries are interested in purchasing and further processing this product.

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