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The main suppliers of alcohol stillage in Europe

Distillery stillage is a by-product of alcohol production.

As a rule, a lot of stillage remains during the production of alcohol – up to 15 liters of a by-product per 1 liter of alcohol. This presents a huge problem for disposal, since a large amount of the product is completely unsuitable for long-term storage or transportation, since this substance is highly toxic to the environment. By the way, in liquid form, stillage from alcohol deteriorates very quickly, and large volumes do not allow it to be transported profitably. That is why the stillage must be dehydrated, having received up to 60% of the wet substance, which can subsequently be used as a protein feed for agricultural animals. It should be noted that even in this form, long-term storage of the product and its transportation are impossible. For this reason, vinasse is further dried and pressed into granules. This type of product can be stored longer, and its price is more favorable for the manufacturer.

Main suppliers of distillery stillage

The main suppliers of alcohol stillage include countries such as Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. In these countries, there are the necessary capacities to obtain high-quality vinasse, as well as a sufficient amount of the product for marketing. Ukrainian manufacturers are actively cooperating with buyers from Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Hungary, Germany, Greece, Denmark, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia , Finland, France, Croatia, Czech Republic, Sweden and Estonia, Canada, USA, Australia. It is also possible to buy alcohol stillage in the EU countries, but there the price of products will be higher, therefore, world consumers prefer Ukraine for cooperation in this area.

Ukrainian products pass the certification required in Europe and fully comply with the quality requirements.

Alcohol stillage import trend

Taking into account the constantly growing trend for environmentally friendly consumption, distillery stillage began to be used not only as animal feed, but also for the production of fuel. At the same time, the prices for vinasse are directly related to the cost of natural gas, oil and grain. But from stillage you can get cheaper and more economically viable biogas, and therefore the demand for this product is growing from year to year. Bards are processed by factories in Germany and Austria, with which local producers continue to increase the volume of cooperation. It should be remembered that Ukrainian products must pass the necessary certification and have the appropriate documents for import to other countries.

Demand for alcohol stillage in the EU

Taking into account the needs of Europeans in biogas, the demand for this type of product will only grow. Supplies of grains from Ukraine are the most profitable for Europe in terms of product quality and logistics, because Ukraine is located as close as possible, which means that the product will not have time to deteriorate during transportation. That is why Ukrainian producers are advised to turn their attention to this product and continue to increase the rate of its release.

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