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Features of peas supplies to EU countries

For decades, the economy of Ukraine is based on the sale of grain and legumes to the EU countries. This is due to the high level of soil fertility, their rapid renewal after the previous planting season. Ukrainian land needs less time to rest due to the rich elemental composition.

Forage imports are most in demand, but food grains and legumes do not lag behind. Every year we grow tons of crops, of which thousands of kilograms are fodder. It is needed for the manufacture of nutritional food for farm animals.

It is important that the feed consists of complex carbohydrates and protein. Any grain is used as a carbohydrate base, and the protein part is filled with beans and peas. The beans contain about 60% starch, 6% fiber, 10% sugar, up to 36% protein, as well as essential amino acids.

For example, in past seasons, exports of Ukrainian peas grew by 93% compared with the expected figures.

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What is required for the supplies of peas to the EU

One desire to export peas is not enough, it is important to collect the necessary documents in order to get a stable supply of goods as a result.

What is needed for Europe to get an imported product without difficulty:

  • Complete the customs export procedure.
  • Sign a contract with a customs broker.
  • Determine the need for additional verification, obtaining certificates.
  • Conclusion of a contract for foreign economic activity.
  • Conclusion of a contract for transport and movement with cargo.
  • After loading, all documents must be handed over to the broker for cargo clearance.

Statistics show that the customer does not like to deal with the above issues. This is an extra fuss and bustle. That is why the company “AGRO-V” assumes all logistics and customs concerns.

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Features of peas import

Forage and industrial peas are one of the central crops grown for export in Ukraine. For its importation into any of the countries of the world there are certain requirements. First, the presence of customs clearance, and secondly, the quality according to international standards.

What are the positive features of the import of peas from the company “AGRO-V”:

  • Letter of credit.
  • Certified products.
  • Each batch is tested in the laboratory.
  • Before sending we provide product samples.
  • The company takes care of logistics and customs issues.
  • We deliver to any region around the world (including Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Hungary, Germany, Greece, Denmark, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania , Slovakia, Slovenia, Finland, France, Croatia, Czech Republic, Sweden and Estonia, Canada, USA, Australia).
  • We work directly with the manufacturer of the product.

If you are interested in the wholesale purchase of Ukrainian peas for animal feed or retail sales – contact our specialists for a free consultation!

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