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Features of the import of feed corn to the EU countries

Today, Ukraine occupies a leading position in the export of corn to European countries. This includes industrial “sugar” and fodder corn.

The latter goes to feed agricultural animals as a valuable source of complex carbohydrates. The advantage of feed corn is that it is ideally suited as a basis for raising all types of farm animals from cattle to poultry and rabbits.

Feed corn has the following composition features:

  • Protein – 9%.
  • Fat – 4%.
  • Starch – 70%.

Due to the low protein content, it is important to combine forage with legumes or peas. So get a complete feed.

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What is required for the supply of feed corn in the EU

Regular supplies of fodder to the EU countries ensure the uninterrupted production of whole animals for agriculture. To produce imports to Europe from Ukraine, it is important to follow certain rules:

  • Permission to sell and purchase fodder.
  • Documents on the goods and its transportation.
  • Understanding where feed will be stored until it is processed.
  • Preparing a special room.

Last season, Ukraine increased corn exports by 75%, which is gradually ousting American suppliers from the market.

The difference of the Ukrainian product is that it is not genetically modified and undergoes more thorough laboratory control. America, in turn, is focusing on a modified product, which as a result is more expensive for the buyer and less secure.

Features of corn import for feed

Europe is not able to grow the volumes of grain and beans they need due to the lack of acreage and the corresponding favorable growth of climatic conditions.

The requirements for export grain in Ukraine are quite high, but more importantly, the international quality standards that are important to follow. Statistics show that in 96% of cases, Ukrainian corn follows these standards with the exception of rare unforeseen circumstances.

Why is it profitable to cooperate with the company “AGRO-V”:

  • Availability of permits for the production and export of grain.
  • Direct work with the manufacturer.
  • We carry the order of the buyer from the beginning to the receipt.
  • Worldwide delivery (including Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Hungary, Germany, Greece, Denmark, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Finland, France, Croatia, Czech Republic, Sweden and Estonia, Canada, USA, Australia).
  • Letter of credit to ensure secure purchases.
  • Timely stable supply.
  • The company itself is engaged in logistics and customs clearance of goods.
  • Before wholesale shipping we send product samples.
  • Each batch of grain and beans undergoes laboratory testing.
  • To make a bulk purchase of grain – contact us at the specified contact information, and we will quickly accept your order!
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