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Features of import of rapeseed meal to EU countries

Rapeseed meal is a product obtained during the production of rapeseed oil.

It was actively used in agriculture only in the 1970s, since earlier rape was considered a harmful product and was an exclusively technical crop. After the breeders bred non-eructic oilseed rapeseed varieties, this crop still began to be used in the food industry, and the remnants of production were introduced into agriculture. In particular, rapeseed meal is actively used as feed for cattle, as well as it is given to pigs and poultry.

Now it is believed that rapeseed meal has more advantages over standard protein feed – it is both cheaper and of higher quality, and it contains even more protein than sunflower meal. The main regions of rapeseed cultivation are Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Canada, and these countries have already adopted their own requirements for the quality of this product (GOST), which make it possible to sell meal to other markets. Nevertheless, when exporting, it is worth considering the peculiarities of the markets of those countries where the products are imported.

What is needed for the supply of rapeseed meal to the EU

Rapeseed meal is imported according to certain requirements, first of all, to the quality of the product. In order for the EU countries to agree to purchase this product, all documents must be ready for it, which confirm the quality of the meal and indicate the variety of seeds from which it was obtained. Note that according to statistics, only in 2020 did the EU countries noticeably increase the import of Ukrainian meal, and in fact, local entrepreneurs became leaders in this direction. So, Europe imported 42% of Ukrainian rapeseed meal (33.3 thousand tons).

Experts are confident that, observing all the features of the European market, Ukrainian producers have significant chances to take a leading place in the list of suppliers of agricultural products to these countries. It is about supplying quality raw materials and offering products at a competitive price.

You can familiarize yourself with the requirements that apply to products in Europe on the website of the Customs Union, where all the documents necessary for import are indicated.

Features of import of rapeseed meal

When exporting their own products, producers must be guided not only by certain laws and quality requirements, but also know which countries are most profitable to sell crops to. Note that in the EU, the main buyer of Ukrainian rapeseed meal is the Netherlands (bought about 100 thousand tons), as well as Belgium and Germany. In addition, Spain is interested in Ukrainian-made meal (up to 10.7 thousand tons). One should not forget that so far Ukrainian producers have not fully occupied this market, and one should expect competition from Russia and Belarus. More information on the statistics of purchases of this product can be found on the website of the European Commission, which regularly updates these data in its reports.

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