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Features of processing alcohol stillage

Distillery stillage is a waste of the alcohol industry.

This product is one of the largest residues from the alcohol production process and presents a significant disposal problem. The fact is that the emissions of this product into the environment cause great harm to nature, and therefore several ways of using alcohol stillage have been found in industrial production. Biogas can be obtained from it, used for feed production, or processed, leaving dry vinasse for industrial needs. Most often, the latter processing method is used in European factories, which requires wholesale supplies of vinasse.

What is needed for the import and export of alcohol stillage to the EU

Distillery stillage is imported by large factories in Germany and Austria, which produce fuel ethanol. Recently, taking into account the growing trend for environmentally friendly consumption and rising prices for natural gas, in Europe, more and more often they start to produce biogas, using alcohol stillage for this. At the same time, it becomes more expensive to obtain dry stillage, but biogas is more actively used to generate heat and energy, and at the same time, such large capacities are not needed for its production. Sulphite-alcohol stillage is in demand in the EU countries, and therefore it makes sense for local Ukrainian producers to think about possible deliveries of this product to Europe.

In order to start working with European buyers, Ukrainian producers need not only to have a high-quality product, but also to know how to properly draw up documents for export to Europe. It is no secret that the EU countries have their own clear standard for documenting imported goods, and alcohol stillage is no exception. Manufacturers need to provide certificates of product quality, as well as pay customs fees and correctly draw up documents for customs control. You can familiarize yourself with the requirements in this area on the website of the Customs Union.

Features of import and export of alcohol stillage

The price at which European producers are ready to buy alcohol stillage from other countries is quite favorable for local producers. In this case, it is worth considering some features of the transportation of this product, since it is known that this product quickly turns sour. That is why transportation should be fast and carried out in special containers that will help maintain product quality.

In addition, in the EU, fodder yeast is obtained from this product, and therefore local industries are interested not only in obtaining their own stillage, but also in purchasing new material for biogas. This means that Ukrainian producers have every chance to start working with the supply of alcohol stillage to the EU, while it is important to comply with local requirements for product quality and correctly draw up documents for deliveries.

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