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Use of soybean meal in Europe

Soybean meal belongs to the category of products that are obtained during the production of soybean oil.

It contains a large amount of minerals, amino acids and proteins, it is for this reason that this product is used for the preparation of various types of feed. Soybean meal is considered to be the highest quality plant product for animal feeding. It has good digestibility, and its protein content is close to animal proteins. By the way, in Argentina, this product is the most profitable in terms of export.

Soybean meal benefits

Analyzing the composition of this product, we can say that it contains 46% of crude protein, 28 g of lysine, 14 grams of methionine, 20 g of threonine, while the maximum moisture content of the product is 12%. Thus, we see that there is relatively little fiber in soybean meal, and its nutritional value allows you to spend less on animal feed. In addition, when added to compound feed, this product increases the amino acid content to the desired level – and all this at a minimum cost. This allows you to increase the profitability and quality of livestock products. At the same time, in a low-quality product, an active trypsin inhibitor sometimes remains, that. Leads to massive animal poisoning and death. That is why only the meal that has passed all the necessary examinations and has documentary confirmation of quality should be used as feed for farm animals.

Recall that this type of feed can be included in the diet of cattle, pigs and birds.

Application of soybean meal

EU countries are actively using the use of soybean meal in the field of animal husbandry. In Europe itself, there is not much of this product, therefore European countries are forced to buy it from other states. According to statistics, the largest exporters of this product are Argentina, Brazil and the United States. At the same time, European countries are looking for manufacturers that are less distant in distance in order to save on transportation, and therefore Ukraine comes to the fore in terms of supplies. Ukrainian meal is exported to France, Georgia and Libya, as well as to Poland. In order to successfully deliver this product to other countries, local producers must have the necessary permits for the import of meal, as well as quality certificates and documents on cooperation with foreign buyers. Due to the fact that the list of documentation for working with Europe is quite impressive, local manufacturers are increasingly turning to companies that will help to properly organize deliveries to other countries.

At the moment, we can say that Ukrainian soybean meal is increasing its positions in Europe, and therefore it is profitable for local producers to offer their goods abroad at a reduced price.

By the way, there are several types of this product at once – toasted and granulated, while the latter is considered easier to store, transport and pack.

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