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Features of rapeseed supplies to EU countries

Rapeseed is one of the main crops consumed by the EU countries.

Along with sunflower and flax, this crop is in demand among global consumers. Rapeseed products, for example, oil, often replace the usual sunflower oil, and are more useful. So, rapeseed contains essential amino acids that the human body cannot synthesize on its own, as well as vitamins E and A, which prolong the youthfulness of the skin and cardiovascular system.

In addition, rapeseed is often used as pet food, as well as in various types of industries. At the same time, in Europe they prefer to import rapeseed, since the EU countries do not have much of their own sown area. By the way, it is rapeseed that is most often bought in the EU countries, and not its processed products.

The main exporter of rapeseed at the moment is Ukraine – our country produces more than 2 million tons of this crop, or 80% of the total import of this crop.

Local rapeseed is supplied to the Netherlands (over 700 thousand tons), Germany (over 500 thousand tons), as well as to France (about 500 thousand tons) and Belgium (460 thousand tons). As for the import of meal of this crop, it is most in demand in Spain (37% of total imports to EU countries), but rapeseed oil is most actively consumed by Poland (31%).

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What is needed to supply rapeseed to the EU

To supply rapeseed and rapeseed products, producers must bring their products to meet certain requirements. So, for example, oil must be supplied in tanks, clean and completely sealed, so that nothing interferes with the safety of the product. The container must protect the oil from the penetration of dirt, moisture and light, and also maintain it at a certain temperature – up to +24 degrees.

As for the documents that will be useful when transporting a product to the territory of the EU, manufacturers need to familiarize themselves with the requirements on the website of the Customs Union in advance. There are presented samples of all the necessary papers and indicated how to correctly fill them out for customs. You should also be prepared to pay customs duties (varies by country), provide proof of origin, commercial invoices and packing list.

Features of rapeseed import

Producers need to take into account the demand for this crop in the EU countries in different years. So, a few years ago, rapeseed was not the main crop for import, however, weather and climatic conditions contributed to the fact that rapeseed became, perhaps, one of the main crops used. Demand is also influenced by the current state of affairs in the world – the transition to biofuels, for the production of which rape is often used. It is necessary to place bets on those countries that are more concerned with environmental problems than others, because they are the ones who are more willing to start purchasing Ukrainian products for further processing.

At the same time, experts warn that the EU countries will be more willing to buy those products, the production of which also meets the requirements of environmental safety, in particular, reduced greenhouse gas emissions. In this regard, Canada and Australia compete with Ukraine, where production is considered more environmentally friendly. In order for products from Ukraine to be more often accepted for export, the local government should adopt appropriate laws on environmentally friendly production.

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