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TOP-10 producers of sunflower oil in Europe

Rapeseed is one of the main crops consumed by the EU countries.

It is used in cooking and medicine and has many health benefits. In particular, sunflower oil improves the functioning of the heart and blood vessels, lowers cholesterol, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, improves the condition of the skin and hair, and also has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract system.

The production of first cold-pressed sunflower oil is still a profitable business, despite the fact that the export of sunflower has become much less recently, preferring rapeseed and flax to this crop. Nevertheless, according to statistics, the export of the Ukrainian product accounts for up to 22% of the market.

EU countries are more willing to buy this product in other countries than to produce on their own. The point is that in Europe there are not so many cultivated areas, and there is not enough infrastructure for the production of oil in large volumes. In addition, the requirements for imported oil are quite feasible for manufacturers from other countries, therefore this product is readily purchased in foreign markets.

Rating of sunflower oil producers in the EU

It should be noted that in the first place in the rating of companies that are engaged in the production of this product are, of course, Ukraine with a share of more than 4 thousand tons, as well as Russia. At the same time, the EU countries do not differ in particular productivity in obtaining this product, yielding third place to Argentina with an indicator of up to a thousand tons. At the same time, from the fourth place to the end of the list, the EU countries are represented – we are talking about Turkey, France, Hungary, Spain, Romania and Bulgaria. However, production in these countries, of course, is not so large-scale – from 300 to 700 thousand tons annually, which, of course, does not cover the market demand for this product. That is why in Europe they are guided not so much by their own production as by supplies from other countries, in particular, Ukraine.

Sunflower oil demand in Europe

According to experts’ forecasts, from 2020 the demand for a crude unrefined product in world markets will continue to grow. As before, Ukraine and Russia will provide up to 60% of the demand for this product, and therefore local producers have good chances to sell their product abroad. So, for Ukraine, the forecast for the growth of consumption of this type of product is extremely optimistic – up to 6.65 million tons. At the same time, more of this product will be processed in Europe itself – however, these features will not prevent Ukrainian producers from entering the markets of other countries.

It is important that local products meet all the requirements that EU countries put forward for the quality of products. You can familiarize yourself with the documents that must be provided for exporting oil to Europe on the website of the Customs Union – there you can easily find samples of their filling and requirements for the quality of products supplied to other countries.

Thanks to this information, local Ukrainian producers have a good chance to continue to remain the leaders in the production of oil and products of this crop in the EU.

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