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The profitability of rye processing in the EU countries

Rye is used very actively in Europe – this culture is used for the production of kvass, flour and starch, and also alcohol is made from it.

This typical grain crop is excellent for animal feed. At the same time, the EU countries do not grow rye in sufficient quantities for consumption, and therefore are forced to purchase it in other countries. Ukraine is one of the main suppliers of rye to Europe, since it is our country that is closest to the EU, which makes this industry profitable. In addition, European consumers note the high quality of Ukrainian grain, and actively use it for processing at their own facilities. By the way, Europe has sufficiently modern facilities for grain processing, which makes ready-made rye an ideal grain export for further processing in other countries.

What you need to know about rye processing

On the territory of Ukraine and Russia, as a rule, only one-component products are obtained from this culture, for example, alcohol, flour or starch. Meanwhile, the culture itself contains many nutrients, which are more difficult to obtain under conditions of local processing due to the lower quality of the equipment. Europe, in turn, has more technologically advanced processing plants, which allows to obtain a significant economic effect.

So, the grain of this culture contains up to 70% starch, 16% protein substances, 2.7% fiber, 2.2% lipids, 8% pentosans, and 2.2% ash. Also, grain contains a large amount of water-soluble substances (up to 17%) and a complex protein-carbohydrate complex. By the way, the fraction of rye starch grains is close in composition to potato starch, which is considered the most valuable and useful.

In which EU countries rye is processed

The most active rye processing is carried out in Poland, the Scandinavian countries, as well as in Germany. By the way, in Europe, these are the countries that are leaders in the production of this culture. But still, their own crops are not enough for them, so Ukrainian farmers supply their products to these countries. It is worth remembering that during export to EU countries, all documents for products and their quality are carefully checked, therefore, it is important for local farmers to strictly adhere to all requirements imposed by other countries.


According to statistics, Ukrainian rye processing is significantly inferior to European one. That is why it is more expedient for Ukrainian farmers to export finished grain to EU countries in order to avoid unnecessary processing costs. All that is needed for the supply of this crop is correctly executed documents and compliance with all standards for the cultivation of this crop.

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